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Perch your pooch on something pricey!

Perch your pooch on something pricey! We are all a little guilty of overindulging that special four-legged friend in our lives, but is a £2.5k dog bed going a little too far? Most of us can imagine spending money on a car, a holiday or even a fancy gadget, but a bed for a dog? Here at Inspire Upholstery, we believe our furry friends shouldn't go without a bit of luxury and to make sure they can snooze in style, we have created the ultimate in canine comfort, the ‘Chien Maison’ pet companion couches. Is your dog forever attempting to jump on the furniture? Don’t ruin your expensive, comfy and hair free sofa, when you can invest in one specifically designed for your dog. This is the ultimate in bespoke upholstery craftsmanship, with each individual piece being hand made to order to suit the style and theme of your existing furniture. Gone are the days when our pooches lay on the floor on a blanket or a generic dog bed; our luxurious, stylish and uniquely [...]

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Pantone Colour of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Pantone Colour of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet Is purple part of your interior styling and brand? If so, you could be ahead of the curve as Pantone have just announced their colour of the year for 2018, a vibrant blue-based purple called Ultra Violet. Every year Pantone launch a new colour that reflects trends in colour from across different cultural factors and influences. Ultra Violet has long been associated with counterculture - Pantone released a similar purple shade earlier this year as a tribute to pop icon Prince - as well as spirituality and visionary thinking. In recent years we’ve seen purple starting to trend in technology and innovation businesses, with many forward-thinking companies using different shades in their branding. Purple spells ‘luxury’ in interior design As well as its association with technology and the future, purple has long been a colour associated with luxury and sumptuousness. For this reason, it has been embraced by interior designers as a way to inject opulence into a design scheme. It works especially well with soft furnishings [...]

December 21st, 2017|

What’s New In Upholstery?

We've Got The Trends Covered - What's New In Upholstery? If you’re looking to give your interior an instant face-lift and more ‘a la mode’ then upholstery is the answer. Whether you’re planning a major refurbishment or just want to inject some of the current trends in interior design, textiles are the way to go. So what should you be introducing into your interiors styling in 2018? This is what we think you should look out for: Textured Velvet Upholstery In recent years we’ve seen a trend towards more tactile fabrics that please your touchy-feely senses, not just the eye. It was only a matter of time before textured velvet would make an appearance and forest-green is our favourite colour for this luxurious fabric. This harks back to another trend we’ve seen gain more traction – biophilic design. This concept is about bringing nature inside and combines the use of natural materials with plant life and design inspired by nature. Green fabrics are a great way to introduce natural colour into your hotel, and is [...]

December 11th, 2017|

Hotel Design Trends: The Top 5 for 2017

Hotel Design Trends: The Top 5 for 2017 In today's Instagram and Facebook-orientated society, appearance has never been more important. This doesn't just apply to selfies, but also to what you eat, and the places you go. Anyone with a smartphone can promote your brand, through a photo of a plate of food, or the design of a hotel room - so presentation really is everything. Increasingly, customers are looking for photo opportunities wherever they go so they can share their experiences with a wider audience. Not only do they expect great facilities and customer service, but they also expect fantastic, camera-friendly design that reflects their lifestyles and personal style. As a result, customers are much more clued up on design, and good design becomes very much part of the guest experience. So, what trends in hotel design do we expect to really see develop over 2017? Here’s our top five: Personalised spaces Hotel guests may choose a hotel brand because of customer service, prestige, and guest experience, but that doesn’t mean they want to [...]

May 26th, 2017|