Pantone Colour of The Year 2018: Ultra Violet

Is purple part of your interior styling and brand? If so, you could be ahead of the curve as Pantone have just announced their colour of the year for 2018, a vibrant blue-based purple called Ultra Violet.

Every year Pantone launch a new colour that reflects trends in colour from across different cultural factors and influences. Ultra Violet has long been associated with counterculture – Pantone released a similar purple shade earlier this year as a tribute to pop icon Prince – as well as spirituality and visionary thinking. In recent years we’ve seen purple starting to trend in technology and innovation businesses, with many forward-thinking companies using different shades in their branding.

Purple spells ‘luxury’ in interior design

As well as its association with technology and the future, purple has long been a colour associated with luxury and sumptuousness. For this reason, it has been embraced by interior designers as a way to inject opulence into a design scheme. It works especially well with soft furnishings that can give the colour additional depth using plush or textured fabrics, and it also looks great with other vibrant colours from the same colour palette or even clashing tones such as red or lime green.

Although never viewed as a mainstream colour, purple has been gaining in popularity in recent years. From the catwalk to the high street, from enterprise businesses to small independents, purple in its many shades and tones is on trend.

Many in the hospitality industry have been using purple for some time. It is often seen in spas and wellbeing areas of a venue, dialling up its connection with spirituality, mindfulness and mediation. It has a soothing effect on the mind and is also purported to encourage creativity, making it an uplifting colour to be around.

Purple is calming but also exudes those opulent characteristics that appealed so much to royalty. While some may find a predominately purple design scheme excessive, others love the up-to-date style a mid to deep purple can bring to a room design. If wall-to-wall purple is too much, combine it with one other colour (or black and white) and can it be used to create a bold design without being overpowering, or try using a mix of purple fabrics and combining distinctive patterns and textures to give your design scheme a really contemporary feel.

Use Ultra Violet and other purples in your fabrics and upholstery, and your rooms will be on trend in 2018 and beyond.

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