Perch your pooch on something pricey!

We are all a little guilty of overindulging that special four-legged friend in our lives, but is a £2.5k dog bed going a little too far? Most of us can imagine spending money on a car, a holiday or even a fancy gadget, but a bed for a dog?

Here at Inspire Upholstery, we believe our furry friends shouldn’t go without a bit of luxury and to make sure they can snooze in style, we have created the ultimate in canine comfort, the ‘Chien Maison’ pet companion couches.

Is your dog forever attempting to jump on the furniture? Don’t ruin your expensive, comfy and hair free sofa, when you can invest in one specifically designed for your dog.

This is the ultimate in bespoke upholstery craftsmanship, with each individual piece being hand made to order to suit the style and theme of your existing furniture. Gone are the days when our pooches lay on the floor on a blanket or a generic dog bed; our luxurious, stylish and uniquely crafted dog couches are the perfect addition to any home and the ultimate gift to spoil your pampered pet.

All of our pieces are made in Britain and come from the heart, with many items being ‘paw-tested’ by our very own pets at home. What might seem a little over the top and unnecessary is actually a fantastic investment to any home, giving your pet the perfect place to relax without having to fight for space on your sofa.

With celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey rumoured to have set up a $30m trust fund for her pampered pooches and one famous Pomeranian with nearly nine million Instagram followers, treating your pet to a little luxurious napping area, doesn’t seem so extravagant now. And of course there is the famous shot of Paris Hilton’s two tiered dog mansion which could be the square footage of some London apartments.

If a dog bed isn’t quite on your wish list (yet), we provide inspirational and creative upholstery for a variety of commercial, architectural and interior design projects. We let our creativity run wild, crafting bespoke, original and engaging pieces for many hotels throughout the UK.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our team about creating some beautiful furniture for your latest project.


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